About Us

Why the name?

L’atelier – at•el•ier (ăt′l-yā′) n. – a workshop or artist’s studio; from Old French astelier, carpenter’s shop…
Our meaning – place that is “homemade”- place where we come to “live” – place that is not perfect but perfectly comfortable…

  • put together with our own hands- no designer or carpenter involved
  • place where we enjoy our own wine selection that we feel quite “artistic” about – listing some very, very special wines that we have personally been inspired by over the years…
  • drinking classic cocktails – drawing back to 1920 and prohibition – when “real” cocktails were created

We feel l’atelier is best fitting name for our place… the name that has organically “happened” (derived) ; one night when we reading first draft of our wine list and sipped our first solera cocktail – the name that truly defined the place…

What is our theme?

It is a studio wine-bar, place where one can discover great wines and rare vintages, drink great,classic cocktails from prohibition era and enjoy some simple but good quality food.



Two passionate chaps, Steve and Dimitri; ex Hotel du Vin; protégé’s of Gerard Basset (OBE, MS, MBA, OIV, MSc) – got together to create “their” perfect wine – bar studio. Having worked for so many years under Gerard’s wing and his profound and iconic expertise, Steve and Dimitri created a place where “wine meets bar”.


Located in the heart of Brighton. Hidden in the quirky North Laines, a stones throw away from the Clock Tower. On Kensington Gardens lies a door you might not have noticed before – just between Grow 40 and the Boho Bazar, head for the first floor where a wine studio and prohibition “Bootlegger” cocktail bar with food awaits you.


This bar ticks all the trademark boxes; the staff wearing braces and ties, misty jazz sounds on a loop, the speakeasy trend reaching its apogee or nadir, depending on your taste.

Low lighting, used armchairs, old-fashioned bar made from 2 Penny pieces featuring collection of 300 spirits, oozing the 1920-ies bar feel.

The space is cool and small, you’ll want to keep it a secret. Killer cocktails are Prohibition-strong and wine list is never ending. 600 wine references are defined by rare and unusual. Affordability is one the main prerogative in all areas, quality versus good value in wine and spirits- even when it comes to top vintages. Bootlegger bar is featuring rare bottles of gin, i.e. Gordon from 1950-ies as well as creative solera system aged cocktails.

We believe that quality and quantity will be a fine match at L’Atelier in terms of all that can be drank, to ensure that this is truly enjoyed a small food menu will be available from wagyu steak to simple charcuterie or cheese board…for those who love their steak and wine, like Steve and Dimitri, a personalised steak knife will be available…wines will be served in the finest Gerard Basset wine glasses, champagnes and wines will be decanted – to challenge and awaken all the senses…

This is not just a bar or  place to meet, this is a place where one is happy, relaxed and comfortable like in one’s own home – the only exception is an oversized bar and wine selection.